Story of Ambika: From child marriage to IPS officer


N. Ambika’s parents were from a village in tamilnadu. They got her married as a child at the age of 14, like all the people in their reatives married their children very young. They werent educated enough. Her husband was 18 years old. He got the job of a police constable after some time. Married life continued for her and she had two children.

one day Ambika went to the Police parade with her husband. It was a grand parade and she saw her husband, everybody respecting, saluting the senior officers and she asked why everybody was saluting them even though they were very young? Her husband replied because they were IPS officers. She really liked the respect and the aura of position of IPS. She said her to her husband that she will become a IPS officer, but the distance was very long. Ambika had to pass her Tenth/Matriculation, +2, Graduation to be qualified to write the exam for IPS (civil services). She wasnt even a tenth pass then!

Her husband being a good, encouraging person said, “okay you study and write it” positively. It is really rare  to have such husbands who will be positive & encouraging even in such a impossible scenario. Ambika was lucky to have him. The civil Services is considered the toughest exam in India and she wanted to be successfull in it. Her husband still said . . go ahead and allowed her to try.

Ambika was no less . . from leaving school in the middle to passing tenth class after many years, studying on her own she did it. She worked hard and passed her +2 exams/intermediate. Her husband was very happy at that. she was a mother of two children by then. she went on and passed graduation too. That itself is a great achievement.

Even after all the years she did not forget her aim. For any normal person, if she got married in between school studies, had two children and then completed studies to become a gradaute, it would be considered a great task! Ambika went on to prepare for IPS exam . . as planned.

She went to chennai to prepare for Civil Sevices exams which would allow her to become IPS officer. Her husband made preparations for her Civil services coaching . .Passing the toughest exam in india is not easy for anyone, she tried and did not pass in the first time. Not a easy one to give up she tried the second time, she failed again. she was a graduate and she could get any job with the degree what she she already achieved was already a big thing, but she did not leave it. She wrote the exam the third time, She was not successful.

Word from home came, Her husband asked her to come back. Tough as nail, she did not give up. Ordinary people dont have will like that, after one or two attempts people give up . . she said to her husband , she will write one more time, if she wont pass this time she will come back. Her husband and family was taking care of the children. He family life was getting affected, the goal had taken a lot. She had paid a high price and so in the final attempt she did not leave any chances and did her best. She Passed the civil services.

she is now posted as DCP North Mumbai N. Ambika. she got the rank qualifying for the designation of IPS officer, her strong personality and attitude made her successful through the interview process, where many fail, though brilliant academically but fail in psychological toughness,ability. She didnt spend time feeling bad for herself that she was married between school or she was already a mother of two children. Her Husband and Ambika both did the impossible, showed how victory is obtained!! Many peoples “dream” they made a reality inspite of impossible situations. Some lessons we can learn from them!

N. Ambika as a chief guest giving certificates and rewards to a child winner in competetion


by Prasoon Kumar


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