Vishwa Roopam explained in simple words


In the experience of someone who has attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is considered the highest state of consciousness in many spiritual traditions, the distinction between individual self (Jivatma / ego / body mind complex) and others dissolves. This state is often described as an experience of oneness with the entire universe, where the individual ego merges with the universal consciousness, like a water drop or a wave merges back into the ocean.

In this state of Vishwa Roopam, or the cosmic form, there is a profound realization that all forms, beings, and phenomena are interconnected and essentially one. The sense of individual identity fades away, and the person experiences an all-inclusive consciousness. This leads to a perception where there is no “other” because everything is seen as a manifestation of the same underlying reality. The person perceives the universe as an part of their own Self, leading to a deep sense of unity and compassion for all beings.

This experience aligns with the core teachings of many spiritual traditions that emphasize the unity of all existence and the importance of transcending the ego to realize our true nature, that we are not different from God, in our inner most purity and clarity! 

Then the profound realisation of Shivoham – “I am indeed the the Universal Consciousness”!


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