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My Happy World


Santosh Narva


This is Santosh Narva Shalavasa, S/O N.Srinivasa Rao, and N.Rama Devi


I am a

Happy Person

My Happiness

Frankly speaking, i don’t actually know when I am happy. I believe that my emotions are beyond my rationality.

My Service Activities

I believe doing one’s duties perfectly is the best service. Those duties include serving as myself, as a son, as a citizen of India, as a Hindu, as a Human.
I serve myself in such a way that I should be proud of myself and I should not act in such a way that I do not loose my respect towards me.

As a son, I try to make my parents proud of me in terms of my conduct.

As a citizen of India, I never encourage any act that is derogatory towards our country.
As a Hindu, I try my best to understand religious doctrines and follow them in my day-to-day life.
As a Human, I try my best to be as human as possible Not promoting violence towards any living creature .


May I Help You!

I would like to Write, Write, Write!

My Great Idea

Children should be taught about our ancient literature in their schooling stage.They should be made to know about our cultural heritage and they should be encouraged to do cultural activities which are innate to our land.

My Future Plans

I want to be a Writer.

I am here for

Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge



I have never worked so far in any organization.


I did my Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Enginering.

Honors & Achievements

I won many essay writing competitions and elocution competitions



I exercise, watch movies, listen to songs.

Games / Sports

I play shuttle

Favorite Books

No specifics. I like every book that teaches me any new thing.

Favorite Quotes

Harey Krishna _/_

Political Views

Politics have become a profession and a very big business world with very less morals.

Religion / Religious views

I am Born as a Hindu, I Live as a Hindu, I die as a Hindu.


I am good at Telugu and English and I have average skills in Hindi.

Favorite Music

Krishna Mantra, Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry’s songs.

Favorite Movies

The Prestige, The Interstellar, Kick(Telugu).

Favorite TV shows

I do not watch much tv







April 22, 1994



Relationship Status





8-7-89/127,Raod No.3, chaitanya nagar , B.N.Reddy Nagar, Sagar Road, Hyderabad, 500079.

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