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At iDiya Network, we believe that small innovative ideas by just a few thousand enterprising creative minds can change the world of billions in a BIG and significant way and make this planet a better place to live in. iDiya Network is a vibrant digital community of caring Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creative Minds, High Caliber Individuals, Social Activists and Change Makers, from diverse backgrounds, who are compassionate and passionate about co-creating a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous World; iDiya Network is a platform for you to exchange ideas, learn, help each other grow and showcase your talents. If you are a passionate person who is committed to turn your dreams into reality or a compassionate / caring person who would love to go out of your way to contribute to a Better World, iDiya Network is the best place for you to be in; iDiya Network welcomes you to be part of this vibrant community of change makers to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Contribute (to a better world) ! So come, join us and make a difference to yourself and others around you collaboratively with the support of other like-minded people, who are ready to help you! Let’s build a Happy & Prosperous World around us one brick at a time!

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iDiya Network is powered by iDiya Websites (portal.idiya.co), a technology platform that helps you quickly and effortlessly turn your ideas / dream projects into a digital reality! Using iDiya Websites, it is possible to create your own online retail shop (eCommerce store), e-magazine / media/news portal, website for your NGO, MSME, large corporate company, personal blog or almost anything online! Best way to start executing your idea is to launch a website, for your idea, that can be supported by a vibrant and caring community.. so that you can attract your target audience – collaborators, supporters, volunteers or customer base etc for your noble social cause or business venture! Or simple blog through which you can share your thoughts, ideas and experiences. iDiya Websites is presently hosting a wide spectrum of web platforms as well as simple websites/blogs for positive organizations – NGO’s, responsible corporate houses, hospitals; and also personal websites/blogs for thought leaders from various walks of life such as writers, artists, entrepreneurs, social workers, scientists, doctors, legal experts, academicians, responsible political leaders etc. iDiya Websites is not just another website builder platform.. we are here to help you succeed and realize your dreams. Stay tuned.. lot more exciting things are in store for you in the pipeline!