Google search shows Mulayam Singh Yadav former chief minister of Samajwadi Party as dead!

google search output for Mulayam singh Yadav showing him dead with with ministers family members names listed source being prominent wikipedia

Samajwadi Party leader and three time MLC Mulayam Singh Yadav passed away on 3rd October.  Not the former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. It was due to a wrong updating on Wikipedia by wikipedia contributor and people who went following the wikipedia article thought the famous ex-chief minister to be dead! There have been some instances in the past where there was trouble, 3 of them are listed below:

Google glitch : There was a glitch when Winston Churchill’s photo disappeared from search results, causing a backlash on social media. Gooogle corrected the issue after public feedback on the issue. Gogle’s repersentative had to give an apology saying, “We’ve now resolved the issue that was preventing the picture of Sir Winston Churchill from being updated to appear in his knowledge panel and Knowledge Graph-related lists,” from Google Search Liaison department.


WIRED found that typing “donate” into the lucrative white box on could prompt suggestions for donating to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, but not Donald Trump’s. This was taken in a widely political way, considering the timing of the elections and reach of google.
An image from the WIRED post on the article :


Popular Tech Mag Search Engine Journal discovered a glitch too and reported as:
Google Suffered  Massive Indexing Glitch, that negatively impacted search quality. This was not an update.Google’s search algorithm suffered an indexing glitch that affected search results.
Google serch engine showed results all mixed up Worldwide. Google’s search glitch affected all languages, countries, and niches. Ecommerce sites reported extreme fluctuations,  It affected everything from local services to recipes. some business had trouble doing their daily operations.
An image from Search engine journals post on the article :

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