Types of makeup foundation


When there are so many options available for makeup foundation in the market, it’s hard to choose the right ones, not only as per requirement of your skin, but also the occasion, time of day, and other factors.

In this article you will learn about:

  • How to apply liquid foundation
  • Liquid foundation v/s powder foundation: Which is better?
  • What is stick foundation?
  • What skin type is mousse foundation for?
  • Which foundation lasts the longest?
  • What is a serum foundation?

Following are various types of make up Foundation:


Liquid Foundation


Skin Type: All
Coverage: Light , Medium, Full
Finish: Matte , Dewy
Wear Duration – 3-4 Hours

Our introduction to foundation is often in its liquid from. Liquid foundation comes in only based as well as water-based formula, and cater to all skin types. Traditionally through, liquid foundation for those with dry skin since it’s very easy to apply, it is perfect choice for make up beginner’s.

You can apply liquid foundation with sponges, brushes, and with a little practice, even your fingers. In terms of coverage, liquid foundation is very versatile, (to even out the skin tone), seems like liquid foundations are the right answer to everything, right? Liquid foundation that gives high coverage tends to clog the pores, and cause whiteheads and blackheads when worn for long hours, sweat and oil can make liquid foundation appear patchy.

Powder Foundation

Skin Type:
Coverage:  Light, Medium
Finish: Matte, luminescent
Wear Duration: 2-3 Hours

If you have only oily skin, power foundation are a good addition to your Makeup kit. Because powder foundation are talc-based, it soaks up the excess oil secreted by your skin. However in case you have very oily skin, you will notice your powder foundation turns clumpy after some time. Those with dry skin types should avoid using this type of foundation, since the powder can not fill in the lines and wrinkles, which are more visible on dry skin. There are also loose powder foundations available in the market.. These foundations are best applied with brushes or sponges ( never with your fingers).

Powder foundation comes in light ( Sheer) or medium shades. Try to use powder as a full coverage foundation applying multiple layers.

Powder foundation also tends to change color after reacting with sweat and oils. It doesn’t help cover fine lines and blemishes.

Cream Foundation

Skin Type: Dry
Coverage: Medium, full
Finish: Matte
Wear Duration: 4-5 hours

If you are a dry skin type, and have an all-day event coming up, then a cream foundation would be your best bet. An HD cream foundation lasts up to 10 hours without creasing or caking, keeping your skin hydrated the whole time. The coverage of a cream foundation is medium, i.e. it can hide light blemishes and very fine lines.

The problem with the cream foundation is that they tend to crease after a while in case your skin is extremely dry. To avoid this, apply a face primer or a moisture before applying a cream foundation.

Mousse Foundation

Skin Type: All
Coverage: Medium, Dull
Finish: Matte
Wear Duration: 2-3 Hours

Mousse foundations are gaining popularity due to their Lightness. Also called a whipped foundation, the formula contains micro bubbles which make a light foundation wear off. It comes in medium to full coverage variants. What makes it a great pick over a cream foundation in that mousse foundation does not settle into the ridges and it accentuates lines and wrinkles. But they also don’t last as long as cream foundations do. You can wear mousse foundation up-to 3 hours before it starts wearing off. This makes it a good option for an evening out with friends, but not a wedding

Mousse foundation can be applied with either a beauty blender, or a brush.


Serum Foundation

Skin Type:
Coverage: Medium, full
Finish: Matte
Wear Duration: 2-3 hours.

One of the less familiar foundation types to hit the market, serum  foundation is perfect for women with oily skin. Serum has the lighting of a tinted moisturizer and the coverage of a foundation. The silicon – based formula makes it watery and thin, which makes it easy to spread. However, serum foundation sets soon which is why you have apply them quickly. You can use flat foundation brushes to apply over large areas at once and evenly.

The problem with serum foundation though is that it starts wearing after 2-3 hours.


Question: Can you use a CC CREAM instead of a foundation ?
Answer: A CC, or color correction cream, is a good option for your daily make up routine. A CC cream will even out your skin complexion, and keep your skin moisturized the whole day.

With inputs from make up artist Anusha Vempati.



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