“Manasi – Will of Steel & Spirit of Life”

Manasi being appreciated as a real hero by film hero R. Madhavan

Manasi started playing badminton at the age of 10 when she got selected in a summer
camp organized by Department of Atomic Energy event. She loved badminton and kept going. Her hardwork made her win many competetions which she participated in. She has participated and won various competitions for her school, college, district and even the company which she joined as an employee!

Whicle going to the office on her two wheeler, due to the wrong way was road was made a accident happened and she lost her leg. Anybody after an accident and losing a leg would lose hope, stop thinking about good things in life and especially a sports person. Manasi was different, she was made of a tougher element. As much as a chirpy, happy person she was unstopppable. She started wearing an artificial leg and continued with her daily life.

She started playing badminton too . . Soon she strated playing in professional para-badminton(badminton competetion for physically challenged people). She asked Pullela Gopichand to train her and Gopichand asssessed her and started training her. She entered into national competetions and won international competetions allover the globe.
Manasi’s Achievements :


Last year she won the “Incredible Indian” award from Rotary International. She also gets invites from India’s premier Business Schools, Engineering Colleges ,Corporate, NGOs, etc. as a influencer, doer whom people can learn from. She has been featured in many newspapers, magazines like Times of India blog, DNA India, Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror,  international sitesportals as Huffington Post, buzzfeed, etc. to name a few.

Manasi in news papers


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