My Lord I pray to you


My Lord I pray to you….

for the race that wasn’t left behind

for the sovereignty that has no revolution
for the world that doesn’t splash the blood
for the lives that do not pain
for the people that do not cheat
for the souls that have no masks

My Lord I pray to you

for the society without any enmity
for the community without any caste
for the equality without any exception
for the rulers that do not rob
for the governance that is not greedy
for the justice that is not deceptive

My Lord I pray to you

for the crops that are not catastrophic
for the oceans that stay behind the banks
for the poll of the barren breaths
for the count of the impoverished lives
for the womanhood that can’t be dishonored
for the youth that is not intoxicated

My Lord I pray to you

for the energy that can’t be tired
for the body that knows no pain
for the courage that never turns back
for the patience that never goes down
for the wisdom that is endless
for the death that has no sorrow

–Vijaya Nadella


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