Indian women you never knew about !!

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History showing us what kind of women lived in the past

This rock carving shows a group of women hunting a tiger . Two are on the elephant and one is on the ground aiming at the tiger . There are women only in the group, no men. They are not afraid, not shaken, doing the the hunt. The tiger is an animal which would put the hardest men in fear .  . but these women are actually going face to face with the tiger and hunting it . The rock carving is found on Hampi, shows what kind of women were there   .     . challenging and spirited, no less than the men, contrary to the kind of image women have today.

There are other carvings where women are shown practicing fighting styles and using weapons.  There have been a good number of queens who led kingdoms, fought in wars and ruled effecienly like Rani Chennama, Rani Durgavati, Rani karnavati, Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar. It is a small discovery showing us the kind of women who lived in the past !!

The pictures are courtesy of Harsh Bhargav a history blog writer and traveller. For some more amazing pictures of women warriors, Hampi please visit Harsh’s blog:

Below are some more images of women practicing their warrior skills and hunting.



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