An interview with Sri Krishna Prasad CEO, CITO Health Care

Mr. KrishnaPrasad talking at Pharma Covigilnce Conference

On the auspicious occasion of the International Day of Yoga 21st June 2016, has launched “My Happy World” interview series. iDiya Platform interviews thought leaders, change makers and unsung heroes from diverse backgrounds of about their life, simple ways of being Happy and making others Happy! This is one small step by iDiya Foundation towards fulfilling the former Indian president Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream of an enlightened Society, a beautiful World – a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous World.

As part of this series, chief editor K V Krishna Reddy has interviewed Sankara V Krishna Prasad, CEO/Director, Cito Healthcare.

A brief profile of sri Krishna Prasad :
Founder & CEO, Cito Healthcare (P) Ltd
Founder, Kaizen Consultants
Joint Secretary, Hyderabad Management Association
Advisory Board Member, Larasan Pharmaceuticals,
Member, Lions Leadership Development Institute Lions Clubs International

Dear Krishna Prasad sir,How are you? ?

Krishna Reddy:* How are you? It is my pleasure to discuss your work and life journey so far and your ideas of Happiness and Happy World. Firstly tell us about yourself.

Krishna Prasad:
Professional : I am a networker in the space of marketing and business development for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, though i worked and learnt a lot in the engineering industry as well in the activities of a manufacturing organisation including cost accounts, puchase, sales co-ordination, warehousing and later after a similar stint in the pharmaceutical industry space, i was suggested to be in marketing and sales. This is because many elders felt that my ideas of conviction and communication skills help the segment.Thus it has made me an independant organisation CEO for over a decade now.

Personal: Happy and contented person, recently promoted as Grandfather
Social Background: I am from a middle class family and moderate in convictions, a Brahmin family from Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.
Interests: Like networking people and organisations, Serving society through Lionistic objectives.
Hobbies: Journalism, Writing articles, speaking at the meets, sports commentary on volleyball, sepak takraw, hockey, tennis, music, Social Media interactions includng likeminded gathering on music, comedy, english language, etc.
Passion : To bring in management concepts at each activity of us at the personal and community level.

Krishna Reddy: What makes you Happy as a induvidual ?
Sankara V Krishna Prasad: Happiness for me can be derived from even very insignificant activities of everyday life. A beautiful Sunrise, a child’s smile, soulful music, vibrant nature, good food, meeting people, reaching out to them at times of need, and the list goes on. I strongly believe that happiness is a purely inward feeling and also a state of mind which can be achieved and sustained without any external influences.

Krishna: Share your experiences and journey so far as an entrepreneur.
Krishna Prasad: My earlier experience in the industry has given me the confidence and boost for my inner urge to start on my own as an entrepreneur. Although I started in a small way over the years, the rich experience i gained is invaluable and it has given me the necessary exposure and I acquired new skills expanding my horizons and helped me to diversify into other fields as well.

Krishna: What service activities have you been into inspte of all the demanding schedules ?
Krishna Prasad: Though I have not been associated with any particular organization, I try my best to support several social causes which need immediate attention in the society. If I see my involvement would make a difference, I do not hesitate to spend my time and extend my services in all best means for the fulfillment of the requirement. It gives immense pleasure for me to lend my support in whatever little way I can for the benefit of others in the society. I do not like to publicize any service activities I am involved with. The purpose should be fulfilled; it may be because of someone else or through me that is immaterial.

Krishna: What are your key skills which have helped iny your career ?
Krishna Prasad: I feel I am blessed with good networking and communication skills; to connect the need by logical means and to fulfill it. Having been in marketing and Business Development, I go by the principles of complementing than competing. Bringing organizations to a table to discuss and determine for realizing a set objective.

Krishna: Going to a larger perspective of life, what is your Idea of Heaven ? Have you ever dreamed of Heaven – a happy & prosperous world around you?! What kind of world would you ideally dream to live in? What is required to make your dream a practical reality? How would you like to contribute towards it?
Krishna Prasad: My idea of heaven is the ease of me and my neighbourhood mutually for achieving target or a task that comes up out of nowhere by a positive team effort to reach the target, satisfy a need with least turnaround times, in the most economical way possible and also with the least amount of transgression into the paths of that are encountered en-route. Being issue focused than personality focused, assessing all possible positive ways to achieve the objective in spite of obstacles that come up and patiently overcoming them and enjoying the result that comes out of it whether positive or negative. Just because a negative outcome arises, we as a team should never deter from the fact that we should give yet another try. Patience and perseverance are the watch words for one and all.

Krishna: What is your great Idea, that could potentially bring a “small” (or BIG!) positive transformation in the world… in any particular field(s) of your choice ?
Krishna Prasad: I believe hope is eternal. Come what may, the result or the targeted objective would be attained positively. While we expect the best we would always be geared up for the worst. This brings down the pressure of not getting a positive outcome in spite of our sincere, focused efforts. Believing in yourself is the first success mantra. We define our goals and the achievable targets and work towards them steadfastly and keep on focussing on the target in spite of intermittent obstacles.

Krishna: What are your health tips? What are the tips and techniques that you follow for keeping yourself Healthy and Fit.
Krishna Prasad: Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy and wise. Your health is determined by what you have on the dining table. Being in constant touch with the fraternity of both social, cultural, subjective keeps you busy and updated and never a dull moment shall be ensued by a judicious mix of all these factors.

Krishna: What are your future plans / goals / dream projects ? Share your dream projects for yourself and/or the society.
Krishna Prasad: We plan to have a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, a pharmaceutical and research laboratory to impart direct supply/servicing to the industry. Next, to be a part of a media house in propagating the quality, compliance, cost effective and timely support to engineering, Pharma, biotech and allied fields.

Krishna: According to you, what is important for startups ?
Krishna Prasad: For a start up, the goal setting, the mission and vision, fixation of targets long term, medium term and short term. Implementation of PERT (Performance, Evaluation, Review Technique) are important.

Krishna: According to you, what is the role of media (online, print, TV, radio, cinema) in building a developed India, one idea at a time?
Krishna Prasad: Both print and electronic Media have a very crucial role to play, not for nothing; it is known as the fourth estate in this part of the world, next to legislature, executive and judiciary. Having said that, media’s responsibility is much more accentuated on the scale of responsibility than authority. Nowadays we find the political scenario and the economic stability are either made or marred by this fourth estate. A responsible media shall also act as a responsible opposition in any democratic set up. Yellow journalism, witch hunting, bring down the value and the effectiveness of the media both domestically and internationally.
Some of the media wings such as Television and Internet have been increasingly found to be deviating and concentrating on hounding than being constructive. In future times, media with the reach of the internet, has all the versatility at its command to report swiftly, responsibly, factually at the same time with the necessary restraint. With this information explosion, sometimes the unwanted forces, such as terrorists, misuse such reach into the nooks and corners of the world as we has seen in 26/11 episode at Mumbai.

Krishna: What do you think is the role of politics in making India a developed country? What should be the proactive role of political leaders in contributing to a Happy and Prosperous India and world?
Krishna Prasad: When it comes to economic development, alleviation of poverty, india is fortunate to have a democratic set up. Politicians of all hues discuss and debate to come forward legislating as per judiciary and general good. The executive which get reshuffled from time to time by rotation would ensure non monopolization of governmental support and avoiding of collisions with the anti-social and corrupt elements. When it comes to a Pan India issue such as a single tax levied, GST bill is a case in point. Whether it is ruling or opposition, Indian politicians will do well to concentrate on the nations’ progress than to stall a legislation by opposing it just for the sake of opposing it. Politicians of all kinds should do well to discourage nepotism and allow necessary talent into the executive mode, National interest should be the primary factor than caste, creed, color, sex, religion and region. When it comes to disputes among the committee of nations, especially the neighboring countries, India should be first in consideration.

Krishna: According to you, what is the role of Social service, philanthropy and NGO’s in making the world a better place to live in?
Krishna Prasad: The concept of NGO and Philanthropic organizations is noble. But a minority of them exist in the world in their true sense. Majority today are fund collecting agencies with varied ulterior objectives including anti-social and proselytizing agencies. A constant audit should be in place of all NGOs to manage functionally . The bodies who direct, coordinate, planning, organizing, staffing, controlling should be diligently inspected by a statutory body so that they get regulated.A true NGO should identify social needs and plan in such a way that those classes and segments of the society who are not directly under government support are serviced by them.

sri Krishna Prasad Sir puts his points forward straight to the point and is about practicality. His words are simple in appearance like him but carry what make a person successful, achieve the objectives. His habit of constant learning , updating to new conditions , doing huge ground work and being ready for the oppurtunity , all the while being simple, open minded . It is a huge difference of qualities in charecteristics which many cannot carry . . He has reached this position of today today all the while remaining grounded and contributing to the society. Very few are like him, who dont even talk about their contributions. A karma yogi doing his work and being on his path . . as our scriptures describe such people .

We thank all the wise men for passing their wisdom and life’s methods, principles and making us a bit more intelligent, fulfilling .


Krishna Reddy


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