Hairfall – Reasons, Prevention & Supplements


Hair fall problems are commonly known and are faced by every individual on daily basis .it is a known fact that a small amount of hair fall over every time you comb your hair. But at times , these daily issue can eventually turn into a major problem of excessive hair fall or even baldness. Hair fall occurs due to some major reasons like:

  • Stress: Every individual goes through acute stress everyday which is short-term and related on daily issues e.g. When you are running late etc. Sometimes we face major stress issues due to overthinking, lack of proper sleep and complicated lifestyle. So in order to let every part of the body function properly, one should stop stressing out over things.
  • Non-suitalble products: One should avoid products with heavy chemical dosage because such products contain high amount of sulphate which damages roots of our hair. Make sure to use more of natural products. Always use only organic best hair shine sprays & shampoos to get rid of hair-fall.
  • Excessive cigarette smoking/alcohol drinking: overdose of tobacco present in cigarettes harm the growth of hair. Same goes with alcohol drinking.
  • Lack of oils: Due to complicated lifestyle and lack of time we intend to forget to oil our hair often which dries up our scalp and that interferes in the healthy growth process.
  • Imbalanced diet: Last but the most important reason is intake of unhealthy foods. Ensure to include food that contains rich carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Always remember a healthy diet is the key to all bodily problems.

Prevention of hair fall

  • Biotin capsules: These are easily available in the market. Intake of one tablet once a day at anytime of the day should be ensured. It has all the necessary ingredients essential for our hair. Call it “heart of hair” make sure you buy capsules which has 10 thousand mcg. Any doctor consultation is not needed . The use of these capsules for any pregnant work should be strictly avoided as it cause no harm yet one should always be careful.
  • Aloe gel: Add a few drops of aloe gel and few drops of your favorite hair serum into a bowl and give a good mix. After mixing apply the solution on the strands of the hair, I repeat strands not the root of the hair. These solution has a huge number of benefits and is highly recommend.
  • Truebasics omega beauty: Truebasics omega beauty is a scientific researched nutritional formula enriched with omega-3 and biotin for the growth of hair fall. All you need is to consume a tablet a day before sleep.
  • Bonus tip: To lessen the cause, tie your hair into a ponytail or a braid while sleeping in night to provide any damage.


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