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Behavior Skills Coach with Will and Skill(in that order) to right-fit an Individual’s unique will/soft skill needs. Last 2.5 years of my life of interacting with hundreds of individuals with a mini cross section of society seeking answers to their existential questions. This was in complete contrast to 24 years of Corporate career pursued with two large organizations in the IT industry (Tata Motors and Wipro Technologies)

I am a

Happy Person

My Happiness

MAD(Making a Difference) – to other’s thinking thereby actions and causing results that were not happening by themselves.

My own journey that is WIP (Work In Progress), articulated as “Journey to Mastery – by facing the mystery head-on”.

Focusing on physical/mental and emotional resilience.


My Service Activities

Over 2000 hours in interactions in support/service of people getting to their own answers for themselves (Landmark Education) http://www.landmarkworldwide.com (transformative education of landmark)


Love to Write about

Personal Change Management

Continuous learning & development

Training & development topics

emotional resilience

May I Help You!

Honest conversations inside an intra personal or inter personal challenge one may be facing (Explorative conversations that promote self inquiry and reflection)

My Great Idea

It is n’t the mountains ahead to climb that wears you out; it is the pebble in your own shoe. – Muhammed Ali


My Future Plans

Living a sustainable, creative and fulfilling life out of enabling others (and in process bettering myself everyday).

Grateful for

The NOW, this very moment and to maximize this moment and the opportunity this precise moment provides. I also relate to NOW as No Opportunity Waits.

I am grateful for the shift in the perspective I have got for myself – which can put into 3 words.

KNOW – NOW – WOW (For a long time I was in domain of KNOW, which means knowledge for me was everything and I thought knowing precedes everything, The 2nd word NOW gave me the importance of applying what I know in the very moment(NOW). That I considered as my important shift, However the third shift that I have got is WOW, which means unless our own actions(not mere words) WOW the other person, the world is NOT transforming. However it can trigger a new cycle for the other person!

I am here for

Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Showcasing my work / talents, Developing my business, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge

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Detailed Bio

On-going CHANGE and ensuing TRANSITION MANAGEMENT naturally excite me and I continue to support diverse people both directly as well as indirectly in their transition moments of variable difficulty. A highly committed listening without invalidation is what is required for a PERSON undergoing a transition, that was hitherto not faced before. It recently dawned upon me that it is NOT just about transitions, but also in stable/steady states people need to RE-ENGAGE better in their current roles by getting them to have a view of role demand with a SWOT perspective, and how much of support/nudge I could bring to table. My diverse experience base of 24 years as IT developer, Manager, Pre-sales Consultant, Quality evangelist, Technology Competency Manager and HRD trainer in two large organizations namely Tata Motors and Wipro holds me in good stead. I also have nearly 2000 hours of experience in supporting existential concerns of a mini cross section of society by virtue of my assisting hours at Landmark worldwide over the last 3 years. Thus, what I can potentially offer to individuals and organizations is a great will/skill(in that order) combination with very high flexibility and terms to engage me. Thus I see a great opportunity in my competency base supporting your unique need. Feel free to have an exploratory conversation with me.Check me out @ https://willandskillenablement.quora.com/



3 years with Telco/Tata Motors as System Engineer(MSD) at Jamshepur between 1991-94

21 year long stint with Wipro Technologies between 1994 to 2015 (My long stint evenly spent between technology, management and L&D(Corporate HRD) with 7 years per role.


BE Computer Science & Engineering from REC/NIT Rourkela – 1991

Honors & Achievements

Nearly a dozen or more training & certifications in Behavioral Skill Training.

Software Engineering methods Trainer & Coach.

Curriculum Graduate and Introduction Leader with Landmark Education.




online thread moderation

volunteering for causes that I believe in

Games / Sports





Favorite Books

How to win friends & influence people – Dale Carnegie

7 habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey

Influencer – The New Science of leading Change by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson,

To Sell is Human – The surprising truth about moving others  – Dan Pink

Favorite Quotes

I am too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener. (Source : PInterest)
The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection – Thomas Paine (Source : BrainyQuote)
One can not reflect in streaming water. Only those who know internal peace can give it to others. -Lao Tzu (Source : Matador Network)

Political Views

I am largely apolitical person

Religion / Religious views

Hindu (I relate to mythological stories as they relate to motivation/inspiration)


English, Hindi, Telugu, Odiya

Favorite Music

old melodies in Telugu as well as Hindi


Favorite Movies

Popular culture Hindi & Telugu

Hollywood but sparingly

Favorite TV shows

Not too much into TV

Was interested in Quizzing in the past







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