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First Name

Krishna Reddy


Founder and Chief Editor of A Post-Graduate from IIT Bombay, I am a social entrepreneur and Founder of iDiya Web Solutions, a Hyderabad based software company. Follow my ideas and updates on my profile !

I am a

Altruist / Philanthropist / Social Activist, Artist, Business Leader / Entrepreneur, Happy Person, Journalist, Spiritual Person

My Happiness

I enjoy simple pleasures in life like spending with family/friends, enjoying movies, adventure sports, learning new things. Helping the needy and seeing a smile in their face is a fulfilling experience for me.

Experiencing and exploring higher states consciousness through Yoga, Spirituality and Meditation gives me a ‘kick’ like nothing else!!

My Service Activities

By nature, I routinely do random acts of kindness whenever and wherever possible for me. Once I rescued a beggar woman from death and joined her in hospital in Mumbai.

I am an active volunteer of Geneva based International Association for Human Values, which is spread across 160 countries. Through IAHV, I was involved in Mumbai flood relief and tsunami relief. Also organized free medical camps and 5H programs and Breath Water Sound workshops ( to help reduce stress in slum people and enrich their lives) for the poor in Mumbai and Lonavala in Maharashtra.
Actively organized various workshops like advanced meditation courses and other activities of spiritual organizations such as Art of Living, Life Research Academy etc. Sponsored art and culture activities of Sharada Kala Samiti. Sponsored activities of Ramanujan Mathematics Academy that promotes interest in mathematics among students.
Sponsored merited but poor students, orphanages and old age homes through Adarsha Mitra Brindamm, Anaparthi
An avid activist, I sternly fight (and win!) against instances of corruption, red tape, dishonesty, unethicalness and environmental pollution etc at all the levels – right from the highest authorities to grass roots levels in e.g. politics, police, administrative and legal departments of India. (In such incidents I was usually confronted initially but later applauded! by the same people!! for example.. top officials at the office of Mumbai Police Commissioner who treated me with high honor! and remarked “India needs people like you”). Sometimes I take recourse to media to deal with the problems facing the society. I usually question the stereotypical mindsets that inertly say “It works like this only.. we should blindly accept it, we can do nothing about it”!

Love to Write about
  • Spirituality
  • Science and Technology
  • Science and Consciousness
  • Political Reforms
  • Social Reforms
May I Help You!

I would love to serve the world around me through:

Innovative, impactful n positive media solutions
Powerful and Persuasive editorials n writings
Technology Innovations
Yoga and spiritual practices and teachings

My Great Idea

In my opinion, it is possible to create a Heaven on Earth through the right Education and the right Media solutions! Education strongly impacts people with long term results. If the power of Media is properly harnessed in an inspiring way, it can persuasively impact the quality of the society, culture, (good) governance / (constructive) politics, education, health, agriculture, environment, lifestyle, wealth and Spiritual evolution of people and lead to a Beautiful World. Sharing the right information/knowledge through media channels and inspiring people (to do good work) can make a huge difference to people.
There are many fascinating subjects that can uplift mankind and environment. Also there are many individuals/unsung heroes and organizations doing wonderful and inspiring work. Present main stream media hardly highlights these things. Publishing / Broadcasting the right info/ knowledge can do wonders in improving the quality of life on this planet!!

Grateful for
  • I am grateful for my IIT education
  • I am grateful for my intelligence
  • Grateful for my Compassion
  • Grateful to my parents
  • Grateful to my sister and brother-in-law
  • Grateful to my grand mother
  • Grateful to my close friends who have always there for me!
  • Grateful to my teachers
  • Grateful to my Gurus Sri Sri Ravishankar ji and Sadhguru Jaggivasudev Ji
I am here for

Connecting / getting back in touch with friends / colleagues / relatives, Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Developing my business, Offering Jobs, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge

Detailed Bio

I am a fun loving guy with a spiritual bent. Innovation is my passion and that is what I do on a daily basis.
I am:
Simple and Innocent like a child! (doesn’t contradict the second point!)
Intelligent! (Yess! this what I consider myself!)
Kind and Compassionate
Loving and Caring

My dream and passion is to make a profound contribution to a “Happy World“, a beautiful world – heaven on earth, envisioned by former Indian president Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. All my endeavors are a small step towards realizing this vision of Dr. Kalam and other great visionary leaders of the past and the present. My business iDiya Labs and my NGO iDiya Foundation are born out of this dream! Feel free to visit my personal website, to find about my professional and education background.



Founder – iDiya Business Lab Pvt Ltd
Founder – iDiya Foundation
Founder & Chief Editor –, a portal for a Happy World
Volunteer, Volunteer for a Better India
Volunteer, International Association of Human Values

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer – Xklsv Internet Media Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Senior Software Engineer,, 2003 to 2009, Mumbai
Software Consultant, STV LLC, Mumbai (a Charlotte, USA based software company).


Masters in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT Bombay)

Honors & Achievements
  • Obtained all India 2nd rank in M. Sc. mathematics entrance exam of Central University at Hyderabad.
  • Awarded first prizes in mathematics talent tests at various levels conducted by Ramanujan Mathematics Academy, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Mumbai Marathon: Obtained half marathon certificate for completing 21 kilometers in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, one of the biggest marathons in the world.
  • Awarded a certificate for completing one kilometer in a swimming camp at IIT Bombay.
  • Won a ‘special position’ and certificates in state level Mathematics Olympiads.
  • Awarded many prizes for academic excellence at various levels of the academic career.
  • Got many prizes for essay writing and elocution in English, Hindi and Telugu



Blogging, photography, videography, film making, writing, acting, journalism, swimming, chess, reading, solving puzzles and mathematical problems, dancing, music, playing flute, hiking and trekking, Yoga, spirituality, meditation (Did Art of LivingTranscendental MeditationVipassana) passion for community service and helping the needy people and doing social service that uplifts the mankind.

Games / Sports

Swimming, Chess, Badminton

Favorite Books

The man who knew Infinity, a life journey of the Indian mathematics genius Srinivasa Ramanjan
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda
Feynman, a Life in Science
Wisdom for New Millennium by Sri Sri Ravishankar
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Da Vinci Code
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana
“Guru of Joy” by Francois Gautier
Vemana Satakam
Kabir Das’s dohas
Ashtavkra Gita
Narada Bhakti Sutras (Narada’s aphorisms of love), which talks about Divine Love, the Highest potential of Human Life.
Yoga Vasishta, knowledge given by Vasishta Maharishi to his disciple prince Rama, hero of Ramayana. I consider this as the Highest Knowledge available on this planet. Super hit Hollywood movie Matrix is based on this scripture

Favorite Quotes

My core philosophy can be summed up into these quotes:

Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people try to adapt the world to themselves. So all the mankind progress is due to the few unreasonable people. – George Bernard Shaw
“Future is just an idea away”. (So is Utopia!)
Imagination is more powerful than knowledge – Albert Einstein
Joy is never tomorrow. It is always now! – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar
Broaden your vision, Deepen your roots. – Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankarji

Political Views

Politics must be a Selfless service. It must not be pursed with the selfish intentions of earning money, fame and power. Only altruistic people must enter politics. Politics is a beautiful means for creating a Divine Society, a Happy World. If you are a politician you should set an example by 1) doing good work for the society 2) having a clear grand vision for the improving the quality of life on this planet 3) avoiding spreading negativity or harmful tendencies; Unfortunately most politicians engage themselves in disgusting politics by constantly complaining, cribbing, criticizing and attacking others for political gains or by  playing vote bank politics by emotionalizing people, appeasing (and dividing and polarizing) sections of the societies (in the name of race, religion, caste, region, language etc) rather than working productively for the upliftment of their region, country and world.  Politics must never discriminate against or appease people based on narrow man-made divisions.
If you are a political leader you are in the best position to contribute to a Divine Society. Please make a good use of it ? Don’t misuse for your selfish gains.. This is my earnest request to all the politicians across India and rest of the world. If you are not in politics, then stand up and speak out on the issues of concern and persuade politicians to do good work.. As the Indian IPS officer V. V. Lakshmi Narayana rightly says, politicians and bureaucrats are not authorities but they are your servants.

Religion / Religious views

I am more of a Spiritual person than a Religious person. Born Hindu, I have immense respect for the good aspects of all the authentic religions. Being a “Human” is my true religion.. Constantly exploring my higher potential as Human is what I aspire to! I follow some of the profound Spiritual and Scientific Wisdom from the Ancient Indian scriptures. For me spirituality is all about attaining one’s highest potential in Life, and understanding the the highest possibility – Knowledge of one’s (Higher) “Self”, which is no different from the universal “Consciousness”, out of which everything in this universe is born. This is not a philosophy or a blind faith, but a timeless wisdom of immense scientific value. Modern Quantum Physics is inching towards this. I don’t follow too much or give too much importance to rituals in Hinduism or any other religions, though I respect the cultural, historic and scientific value of some of the rituals. Purpose of any authentic religion is go beyond rituals and scientifically seek the real treasure in Life – reaching the Highest potential in life.. to attain Self Realization (Which is also called in various names like Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana etc). The Self is also called with many names… Consciousness / Atma / Soul / Chetna / Chaitanyam – the highest Joy, Highest Knowledge possible in life.. a truly Blissful & Divine experience. For me it is many more miles to travel before I reach there. But I can surely tell, through my experience, that I have had a good glimpse of what the Highest potential of human life could be in September 2003. That profound experience lasted in me for one full week; though short, but very very long enough to understand the purpose of my Life! I feel fortunate to taste that Divine nectar. The ultimate purpose of Life is to experience this profound and indescribable experience called Satchidananda State and use this precious knowledge to uplift the world around you!


I understand, speak, read and write Telugu, English and Hindi.To some extent I understand Kashmiri, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Rajastani and Urdu.I can read and write Sanskrit and Marathi ?I would love to learn Sanskrit, Chinese and French some day, though it is not a priority now!

Favorite Music

Santoor by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma – Melodious
Ghatam by Vikku Vinayakam – soul stirring!
Tabla by Zaakir Hussein – mesmerizing
Percussion by Shiva Mani – mind blowing
Beethoven’s 9th symphony
Many of AR Rehman’s compositions
Old Ghantasala Telugu songs
Keeravani’s melodies
Gayatri’s Anaahata album
Some of the songs of Roja movie
Melodious or energetic Bhajans

Favorite Movies

Roja, Mouna Raagam, Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun, Titanic, Avatar, Bhu Kailas, Swades

Favorite TV shows

Arnab Goswami’s News Hour in Times Now
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
Aata (Telugu)
Ramayan & Maha Bharat (Dooradarshan)






Anaparthi, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

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