Death, the biggest comedian

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Will it matter if I drop dead here and now? 

Does it matter? How many will really be affected by it? 10? 50?? 100? 

What is that no. compared to the population in today’s world? 

I will be just another mosquito, won’t I?  

It might change the course of their life, my mom n bro. 

My friends will shed a tear and relatives, say a few good words, a few who really love me, will scold me for being such an ass. Not to mention, whom I owe money, they’ll curse and hate me.

 Then life goes on 

I will be remembered once in a while, maybe. But will it really make any difference to anyone at all??

My death or anyone’s death?? 


The only thing that happens to everyone,

 the only destination of our every life 

yet we cringe, 

it’s a taboo, 

not a topic to be laughed about. 

Ask me, It’s humorous, it’s a mercy. 

The way a joyous happy adventurous trip comes to an end, 

a pathetic dull unsuccessful life disappears unnoticed, 

an everyday meagre petty existence vanishes into thin air, how many really realise how many people die of various reasons everyday. 

So much importance to covid, has anyone ever noticed before how many people die of old age, of accidents, of heart attacks, of drugs, how many are murdered or commit suicide unless you’re researching on that topic or if they’re close to you in some way?? 

This hopelessness that’s filling everyone, the void that everyone is experiencing, this sadness, do you even know why or where it comes from? 

Sherlock says, “”taking your own life” interesting expression. Taking it from who?? Your own death is something that happens to everybody else.

Everyone everyday is getting there, it’s like an ultimate truth yet such unacceptance, such ignorance, such hatred for it. 

It’s a process isn’t it?? 

Why don’t we feel the same when certain species go extinct, certain animals are killed to keep economy happening, birds, bugs, worms, nothing matters as much as a human does. 

And that human should be a celebrity or someone really close. 

Death, the expression and everything that goes with it, is just a big joke for us, an excuse we use to stay down, to feel pathetic, to even get from one day to another

Death is the biggest comedian ever, unless it happens to someone really close, then it becomes a tragedy or a horror story. Story is all it is.


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