For the better India


The person in politics even will have his/her own restraints in framing public useful policies and implementing them. But these are some points which can be thought over….
1. 10% of our population are paying taxes and the rest are enjoying. All income holders should be brought under taxation and the tax evaders should be punished very strictly by attaching their entire properties to the govt.
2. Proper constructive changes should be implemented in the fields of health and education.. CSR should be mandatory in the private sectors of health and education…
All private schools shall be required to enroll children from weaker sections and disadvantaged communities in their incoming class to the extent of 25% of their enrolment, by simple random selection. No seats in this quota can be left vacant. These children will be treated on par with all the other children in the school and subsidized by the State at the rate of average per learner costs in the government schools (unless the per learner costs in the private school are lower)”.
3.Central water board should be formed and even 1cusec of water is to be utilised only after getting proper permission from that board even for agriculture or for drinking. No disputes between the states should be encouraged to meet the political ends.
4. Uniform electricity policy should be there.
5.A genius sector should be formed with other than politicians from all walks of life and their advices should be considered before implementing any policy.
6.Threatening from Pakistan should be controlled by taking stern serious action .
7) Corruption in India is alarming which should be given top priority. As is the king so are the people, likewise, As are the leaders so are the others. So political corruption is the big decease India is facing more than aids and cancer. Unless otherwise serious concern is given in this aspect we will be nowhere in future.


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