Shakti and strength


खूबसूरत हो तुम, ये ज़माने भर को खबर है!

तुम्हारी खुशबू से महकता है तमाम चमन,

ये भी हमको खबर है!

कभी यूं भी हुआ होगा, की आसमां के चांद को भी

तुझपे रश्क हुआ होगा!

कितनी खूबसूरत हो तुम,

क्या ये तुमको खबर है?


You are as beautiful as the nature itself. You love, nurture, protect and care. You have the power to create and mould life as you want. You are beyond religion, caste and colour. The universe would be incomplete without you. If only you realise your strength, you would be able to give this world a new life.


Ignorant are those who call you the weaker one, because they don’t know how strong your soul is! Foolish are those who want to forcedly restrict you, for they forget that it’s you who brought them into this world, it’s you who taught them how to walk and talk.


You are the essence of life, you are the ‘shakti’ , the energy that rekindles life. Your beauty can’t be bound by words, you flow like the moonlight, enlightening even the darkest corners.


It’s you who forgives  and it’s you who  smiles even when everything seems to be going wrong. It’s your strength that calms even the most turbulent times. You stand like a rock when everything around seems to be crumbling.


But you seem to be overshadowed by fear. You seem to have lost faith in yourself. You seem to have forgotten your power, your ‘shakti’ ! Look inside your soul, set your mind free of all the boundaries, perceived or forced. Let your smile shine again! Let your eyes light up again, so they can scare away the darkness of the minds!


Create a world that is happy, that has faith in goodness. Spread the light of your metamorphosed soul. Let yourself shine bright!


For its you, who can change the world around you….because you are the most beautiful, in soul, in mind and in heart!

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