Philanthropist Swaati Bhat: Education system must create “Happy” generations


On the auspicious occasion of the International Yoga Day, has launched “My Happy World” interview series, that makes people from various walks of life pause from their busy life to spend a few moments’ time to ponder on what gives them Happiness and how they can contribute to a Better World, through their thoughts and actions. This is one small step by iDiya Foundation towards fulfilling former Indian president Late Dr. Abdul Kalam’s dream of an Enlightened Society, a Beautiful World – a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous World. Let’s co-create a better India and a better world envisioned by Dr. Kalam. The Change starts from YOU.. When you start becoming a little Happier than yesterday, then this world has already become a slightly better place than yesterday! has started interviewing thought leaders, change makers and unsung heroes from diverse backgrounds about their simple ways of being Happy and making others Happy!

Krishna Reddy, CEO – iDiya Labs, Founder & Chief Editor –
Swaati Bhat, Marketing Manager and Philanthropist founder and chief editor K V Krishna Reddy interviews Swaati Bhat, an ardent social activist who works as a business manager in a software company in Hyderabad. She is a bubbly, and energetic personality, who is passionate about spreading Happiness and smiles around her. Se proactively involves herself in noble social causes that uplift the mankind. In this inspiring interview Swaati talks about her zeal with which she executes social service projects and her ideas for a Happy World and better education system.

Krishna Reddy: Swaati, it is indeed a great pleasure for to talk to you about your ideas and work for a Happy World. Tell us briefly about yourself.

Swaati Bhat: Krishna, first of all I truly think is a great initiative! Let me congratulate you for this! Well, I am a marketing professional, working as an alliances manager with an IT Start-up. I belong to a Kashmiri family but have been Punjabi by heart! So I gave my heart to a Punjabi and finally married him! I enjoy meeting new people & connecting to their lives. Working for any noble social cause is one my passions. I like reading Books, dancing and sketching.


Krishna: What makes You Happy?
Swaati: If I am able to make anybody smile, this automatically makes me Happy. I enjoy to be in the company of my loved ones including family and friends. Overcoming my fears and inhibitions gives a lot of happiness to me.

Krishna: What have been your Service Activities so far?
I have been fortunate to be part of a lot of social activities with Art of living like voter Id card registrations. Cleanliness Drive, donating clothes for the poor etc.

I along with my husband Puneet Girdhar have been fortunate to be able to raise funds for a blind teenage sportsman Irfan Bin Hamed Al Hamoomi who was selected for Junior World Games (Paralympics). However he needed some funds to participate in the event in Hungary. It was heart breaking to see a very talented person, having a disability and coming from a low economic background, was unable to represent his country, even though he was able to get through Paralympics, just because he did not have enough money for his stay and basic logistics.

After speaking to authorities I came to know an amount of Rs. 50000 to 60000 was needed in next 2 days as he was supposed to travel the third day. Target looked higher for achieving in such a short time. However, we wanted to give it a try and I created a mail for support and sent it to my Art of living group and office colleagues. I still can’t believe what happened after that. Money just started pouring in and in next 2 days we had enough money for him. In fact, we had to request everyone to stop sending more money. It was such an exciting moment for us. He went to Hungary and made India proud by winning a bronze medal in Judo. I feel blessed and fortunate to be a medium for God’s grace to flow to him.

Krishna: What are your Unique Skills?
I think I am a compassionate listener and people around me can rely on me for any help. I can quickly connect with people. Also I feel I am confident in taking initiatives and executing them till end.

Krishna: What is your idea of Heaven?
 (A place) where people are guilt-free and know how to see the Divinity in themselves and others. Also where all of us are able to accept and enjoy our differences. A world where there is no discrimination in any form. This is my idea of heaven! I think spiritual knowledge is the best way (In fact I would say only way) which makes anyone more loving and accepting towards self and people around.

Krishna: Your Great Idea that can potentially transform the world?
I think creating a happier “generation” is the best way to build a better world. Our education system needs to incorporate courses that teach kids how to love themselves and be more accepting towards other people around.

Krishna: Your success formula?!
I never let anyone tell me, “You can’t do it”. Rather than depending on others, one should have faith and believe in oneself.

Krishna: Your Health Tips?! 
I wish I were doing more than what I am currently doing to keep myself Fit. However there are few things which I cannot afford to miss.. they are: Pranayama and mediation. I think mental health is equally important to physical health and they both are interdependent to a large extend. Yoga is most beautiful way to achieve balance in mind, body and soul. I feel being involved is any kind of sports (or any physical activity; dance in my case) is a good way to maintain good physical and mental health.


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