How the 12 girl ensured food for the people of kingdom from a greedy invader.

Storyby vedic maths-b5751b34
the calculation used by the princess using Vedic Maths

Once a foreign invader defeated the king and started harassing the people, taking all wealth that was with them . Farmers were told all the grains would be kept in the kings storage and will be give to the people when required. The people were dissatisfied, doubtful but there was no other way.

There was drought , the crops dried and there was no harvest. The people requested the king for grains, but the king denied. A 12-year-old girl, princess, daughter of the king who ruled before culd not see this and  she decided to go to the king.

One day she noticed that a worker was going towards the royal kitchen with a sack of rice on the camel and the grains of rice were falling from a corner, She started collecting the rice in her chunri.As soon as an employee saw that, he started shouting thief and the princess stopped and said –  “This royal grain would have been wasted, I was collecting it and going return to return it to the king”. The matter reached the king’s ear, he called the princess to give a prize and said – “Ask for anything and i will give it”.The princess said, one grain of rice is enough for me. The king felt insult, it was below his status to give a single grain of rice. He said you have asked according to your status poor girl, ask for a reward according to my status!

The princess said, it’s alright, You give me rice grains for the next thirty days from today, but every next day should be double from the last day. The invader laughed and said-princess, you still have asked as your poor status is. I won’t give you any more chance, but no problem, take one grain today and take double numbers daily from tomorrow. The princess smiled and went home.The news spread in the village that within the next 5-7 days there will be enough food for all the people.

And shown in calculation on paper the rice was given. The 12 year old princess collected rice as said by the invader. On the 30th day 256th bag of rice was loaded on 256th elephant in total to deliver the grains as said to be given to the princess.

This is a suitable example of how deep and practical India’s philosophy and knowledge was!

Godhooli Shree


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