Hunting wolf in the guise of Journalism.


Some wolves wearing out journalist’s skin,Most of the above are under the scourge of journalistic journalism and doing conundrum. Those who committed serious crimes like robbery and molestation are introducing themselves as fourth column of journalism,Criminals are often given the open protection, earning black money from their illegal business.Rob is openly charged and The camera is shown instead of revolver.Goons have also started illegal recovery from Shabbies(KOTEDAR).on the irregular recovery done from shabbies some Astonished,some surprised.the story Highlights about the journalism in District Mahoba(Uttar pradesh).Journalism has changed completely today. Now, most people become journalists, so that the society is spreading over the society so that they can run their conundrum in the garb of journalism. Most of the criminals have now increased their trend towards journalism, the former criminals

have started their beginning to introduce themselves today’s journalists.There has now been a lot of changes in the way of demanding. Now such crimes have been started by showing the camera’s pride in place of the Guns.Today’s journalism is being considered as beneficial business as compared to the past, now journalists do not have to wait for January 26 or August 15 to get real currency.By taking advantage of carving the cameras on the contractors and officers by holding the mikes, national festivals like 26 January and 15 August are celebrated everyday by most of the journalists. The selfishness of each and every journalist is now slowly exposed out in front of the society.One has started calling a person’s crime hidden in the ranks of journalism, then by providing protection against criminals and illegal businesses, along with youthfulness, mutton chop and alcohol,Journalists now a days busy in storing unaccounted money.

The fourth pillar is today known in the name of the ‘Anonymous mansion’ located in black caves of darkness and most of the journalists are engrossed in destroying the mansion in the eyes of the treasure.Today the platform of news is displayed in the media where the people who are doing pre-journalism are the beneficiaries of any kind. Now the journalism market has started to be decorated with the help of silk and reality has completely disappeared from the news. Some stories, which are compulsively broadcasted today or written for related to social problems can also prevent their broadcasting by special journalists due to the lure of greed in the future.

New journalism era has started, newcomers have started to be found with cameras on the streets now. Goons has been engaged to prove their selfishness with conscientiousness, though it is a matter of fact that these chieftains have been targeted by the thieves of the cottages. The magazine of new minded ideology has been born from womb. Now, soon after robbing the shabbies, the lane passers-by way will also be openly charged for collecting the unaccounted money by skewing the camera.Overloading was earlier used by journalists, and even today the practice continues very willingly.will it never be curb, will it ever be considered? It is a questionable answer, which is hardly for anyone to answer today. Nowadays, places to be chilled out and to be entertained are being

selected by journalists with their own volition. The public is entertained by visiting parks and roaming places. Some special journalists have made their entertainment spot to the police stations, tea, water is also available for free along with officers and pocket expenses are like very commonly taken from the police station. The illegal blasting materials and illegal mining have now reached to the ears of the journalists. Now in the spell of journalism, the fate of the mountains is being despoil. If sholay’s Gabbar was alive today, many unarmed media workers would not be able to find the place of Thakur instead of searching for Ramlal. Thumb impressed person has become a journalist now, Recently to prove his selfishness by saying “saheb”, it should not be considered too big now a days. The accused of robbery and molestation, openly on the streets, familiarize themselves as a journalists. And the blind-pressed administration is forced to excuse partially for their own helpless situation. Criminals have become journalists and those who are poor and are alpha-journalists, they are going to have time for rush to journalism after seeing them. As the situation has become such a Horrific of journalism’s today, it seems very easy  that those days are not much  far away when the credibility and the truthfulness of the news itself would be sold out for just few clamshell.

One said precisely, “some journalists are roaming around wearing Wolf skeletons”.


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