Interview with NAIMISHA MUMMIDI , founder of “Fresh Flavorz” & Author

Naimisha's book Successful housewives

Krishna: Tell us a brief about yourself?
Naimisha: First of all, a big happy day to all the people who are going through the interview. A special thanks to Mr. Krishna Reddy sir, founder of, for providing me an opportunity to share my views with such likeminded audience.
I am NAIMISHA MUMMIDI, founder of Fresh Flavorz & an author of Successful Housewives. My motto as an author is to bring the phrase “HI DEVELOPED INDIA” to reality. Through my books, I max try to focus on building Indian Currency, end to poverty, and encouragestartups, areas to focus on –to develop India and so on….

And as the founder of Fresh Flavorz my mission is to bring in healthy & mouthwatering twists to puchkas & chaats.Will make people know about the recipes invented by great chefs, which got disappeared after a while. My vision is to provide majority women a franchise opportunity through Fresh Flavorz and let them to stand on their feet.

Naimisha has extended her cooking franchise into catering also

Panipuri. Our list is never ending.
Recently have become the co-founder of Party Caterers. Aim is to follow the routine of catering ventures and also serve the taste buds of all those searching for something different. Apart from traditional recipes of Andhra & Telangana, we are serving twists like orange kheer, thamalapaku bajji and so on. Glad to say you’ll that Fresh Flavorz is partnered with Party Caterers.

Apart from all these I have two online ventures called Fashion Beasts Beauty Beasts .

Krishna: Share your experiences as a writer & entrepreneur?
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA at the very starting yes faced difficulty. But I believe in the fact that god helps those who help themselves. Just went with the flow and always tried to focus on the present than on what has happened yesterday. And finally now happy with the appreciations I got.

Krishna: What makes you happy?
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA feel happy when I am with myself and even love to spend time with my dog(Frost). Daily I keep sometime for self-talk without fail. When working on my ventures I don’t even notice the time, it’s that peaceful. And apart from these, while reading motivational or business books I feel so relieved and stress free.

spending time with family is Positive refresher

Krishna: What are your service activities so far?
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA was a member of “SSquare Club”. Infact I was selected as the Campus Ambassador for it. We used to go to villages outskirts and visit their schools. Make them aware about the society and its helplines. I even frequently visit the orphanage in my locality to givethemclothes, money and food.
My part to the society means it is my book. Don’t need many but if any one person who is de-motivated gets motivated because of my book, then that is enough for a peaceful night sleep to me.

Krishna: What are your Unique Skills? How do you propose to contribute to a better world using your skills?
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA feel communication skills and entrepreneurial skills play a key role in me. I can take the lead and if required can follow the team too. I don’t give a damn to what people say about me, and just follow my aims. I feel this is my strongest strength. By using my skills I am educating people about their surroundings. And moreover I like to improve my thoughts and share them with like minded. It increases a lot of positivity to the environment.

Krishna: What is your Idea of Heaven? Have you ever dreamed of Heaven – a happy & prosperous world around you? How would you like to contribute towards it?
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA feel my idea of Heaven is to eat good and keep my body clean. Exercice and keep my mind clean. Listen to spiritual songs and read books to keep my soul clean. Once you be positive automatically the world you admire for, will be in front of you.

Stop Worrying & Keep Enjoying through difficulties of life . .thats Namisha’s Mantra

Krishna: Your Great Idea (that could potentially bring a “small” (or BIG!) positive transformation in the world… in any particular field(s) of your choice)?!
Naimisha: I NAIMISHA am looking forward to adopt roadside kids and provide them education and shelter. Once my startups turn into business, I’ll do it. Adoption of orphans is building up slowly. If we take this step too, then no one can stop from making India an educated India with lot of values.

Krishna: What is your success formula? Share the success tips and techniques that have worked for you!
Naimisha:“How much ever god pulls you back in life, when time comes, with the same force he pushes you forward. So keep going”. I say this to myself when I am demotivated. It is my success mantra.

Figure 8: Attend Family Get Together & Feel the Positiveness Around

Krishna: What are your health tips?
Naimisha:I NAIMISHA prefer to eat boiled vegetables. And follow fruit diet frequently. Every morning a glass warm water with lemon & honey is a must.

Krishna: What are your future plans / goals / dream projects? Share your dream projects for yourself and/or the society.
Naimisha:I NAIMISHA once I get a dream I bring it into reality. So all my dreams are live. Just need to establish them effectively.

Krishna: How do you think writers, bloggers and journalists can contribute to a developed India and better world?
Naimisha:I NAIMISHA feel the pattern of the front pages of the newspaper must be changed. Instead of parliament fights/accidents positive news must be published. And the other thing is one should not get afraid of their head. Be bold and perform your duties. A person on spiritual path finds this easy.

Namisha as a member of the “S-Square” social Organisation

Krishna: What is the role of entrepreneurs and business leaders in building a developed India one brick at a time?
Naimisha:Till you transform your startup into business, work on your venture. But once transformed. Then start working on others startups. Help them achieve their goals. I think that is important

Krishna: What do you think is the role of politics in creating a developed India and better world? What should be the proactive role of political leaders in contributing to a Happy and Prosperous world?
Naimisha: Provide funds to manufacture efficient weapons be it for army/police/navy/air force.

Namisha is a zesty, high spirited, youngster, not only intellectual, thinking but real time contributor to the society. She is down to earth, uses her creativity in real situations!! She is respectful of contribution of family, friends in her development. She know the value, necessity of positivity in society. Believing in enterprenuership with mutual benefit, upliftment of others, is a very mature thought from somebody her age. Young inspired enterprenuers like her need guidance and support ofelders in the industry for creating better future, to make the change we wish to see in the world. We wish Naimisha success and good times !!



By Krishna Reddy


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