Interview with NITIN TAILOR, Serve Happiness Foundation

Nitin Tailor with school children in Serve Happiness Foundations Activity

Krishna: Tell us briefly about yourself.
Nitin Tailor: Born and brought up along the banks of the river Narmada in Bharuch,Gujarat, INDIA, I would describe myself as fun loving, down to earth and a self-motivated person. I have worked in the academia as well as startups in India (Bangalore) and overseas (Sweden). Am an M.Tech from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore, wherein I was also selected as an international student by Malmo Universty, Sweden as part of my research work representing India along with 200 other students from across the world.

In the past, I was extended an invitation to become a founding member of World Happiness Consortium by the International Happiness Initiative (an initiative of the United Nations) along with attending a conference at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on the eve of International Happiness Day.Have been a recipient of Late N Ramarao Gold Medal award as well as the Entrepreneur Of The Year award given by IIIT Bangalore (in July 2014). Other accolades include being honored by Shree Lajpatray Verma award in 2014 for my social projects. I also got honor to become first TEDx speaker from my city.

My Hobbies: Cycling, Reading, Traveling, Organic Farming

Krishna: What makes You Happy Nitin?
Nitin Tailor: I always find happiness whilst working towards bringing about a positive change in the society at large. Whenever i inspire someone and can bring change in his life i feel happy.

recieving his M.Tech from M. Narayanamurthy

Krishna : What are your Service Activities so far?
Nitin Tailor: Taking a first step towards this, I had the privilege to work as head and set up HMP Foundation ( to improve health and education of poor people using latest technology in the rural parts of my district (Bharuch,Gujarat, India). Continue the same momentum I started my social venture ‘Serve Happiness Foundation’ ( aimed at building and improving grass root communities by connecting passionate individuals to them. It is a registered non profit organization with an international mission to implore, invite and inspire youth to work towards nation building.

We aim to direct today’s youth towards a platform specific to their interest. Our approach is to take youth on an inspirational journey of awakening and help them foster relationships by building network along the spectrum of role models working in the ecosystem. Narmada Prerna Yatra – is one of our initiatives – an inspirational journey of its kind to inspire youth by connecting them with real life heroes from varied sectors like health, education, agriculture etc. Taking the same model further i am organizing Sabarmati Prerna Yatra ( during 28-31st July 2016.

Tell us about your social service projects, NGO activities or random acts of kindness.
Nitin Tailor: I have left my corporate career long back in 2010 and dedicated my life full time for social service. I have done many activities to help specially abled kids, rural youth and other youth to inspire them in different way.

Krishna: What are your Unique Skills?
Nitin Tailor: Communication skills, adaptability, flexibility ( can adjust according to situation i have lived in most luxurious place in Europe and working happily in small rural village in Gujarat )

Nitin Tailor in one of his Narmada Prerna Yatra

Krishna: (What are your special skills / talents / knowledge / expertise /experience? How can your skills / knowledge be useful to the people
around you? How do you propose to contribute to a better world using
your skills?)
Nitin Tailor: I have worked in academia, Multinational startups and Non profits and i fully utilized my experience and knowledge for betterment of society by conducting inspirational session for youth. I used my information technology knowledge to develop projects for rural development. Serve Happiness Foundation itself is my effort to make happy world.

Krishna: What is Your Idea of Heaven?!
Nitin Tailor: The world Where everone is happy, helpful to eachother, inspire eachother and share sad and happy moments together. By serving happiness to others we can create heaven on earth.
Today everyone is running behind materialism at the cost of values.

Krishna: Your Great Idea (that could positively transform the world in a small/big way) ?
Nitin Tailor: Serve Happiness

Do you have a creative idea that potentially could transform the world towards a better and Happier one?
Nitin Tailor: Serve Happiness!!

Krishna : What is your success formula?
Nitin Tailor: Serve Happiness. If my words, my life can inspire someone that’s success for me.

Krishna : What are your health tips?
Nitin Tailor: Everyday i do cycling, walking gymming, yoga. Every evening i spent my time at the bank of river Narmada and doing prayer which gives me inner strength and positivity. I have made small organic vegetable
garden where i grow vegetables. So i prefer to have organic food. Though i am foodie i keep balance in food.

Krishna : What are your future plans / goals / dream projects ?
Nitin Tailor: “Serve Happiness” is my dream project where i want to inspire youth to contribute for the nation. For which i am conducting yatras eg. Narmada Prerna Yatra, Sabarmati Prerna Yatra and connect them with local heroes who are working for the society. I want to do this yatras across the world and inspire all to contribute their part to create happiness in our world.

Nitn Tailor explaining to ex President DR. Abdul Kalam regarding his serve Happiness Foundation

Krishna Reddy: What do you think is the role of media (print, online, TV, Cinema, radio) in building a better world one brick at a time?
Nitin Tailor: I personally believe media can play important role to spread positivity and inspire people in the world. Good platforms like iDiya, TheBetterIndia, YourStory inspiring lots of people and showing thme
positive picture of the world.

Krishna : According to you, what is the role of Social service and philanthropy in making India a developed country?
Nitin Tailor: Social service and philanthropy is in our culture since its incepetion form the ancient times. We have just forgot that because now we are more focused to earn luxuries of life and forgot inner happiness.
But there are amazing role models and NGOs working for the betterment of the society and they play importanat role. With the collobaration of Governement, Corporates and NGOs we can bring big change to make ours developed nation by solving ground level problems in health, education, poverty etc.,

Krishna: What do you think is the role of Indian thought leaders,change makers and startups in building a Prosperous, Innovative and Happy India one brick at a time?
Nitin Tailor: They can play a big role by creating a community of like minded people who is willing to bring positive change in society. There is so much scope for grass roots innovations and through that we can solve so many ground level problems of our nation. Spiritual leaders also play important role by spreading positivity and whole world is one family feeling. They can bring all people together to work for the society.

Krishna: What do you think is the role of politics in making India a developed nation? What should be the proactive role of political leaders in nation-rebuilding?
Nitin Tailor: Politics plays vital role in our nation. We need political leaders who support youth who are working for the society. They should focus to solve the basic problems like health, education, poverty.

Nitin Tailor though a well educated youngster(M.Tech from IIIT), worked internationally in positions which any youngster would want and was even awarded the enterprenuer of the year award,  still finds happiness in doing something positive for the society. He left his regular life and spent full time in social development. it is more than 10 years now . . He is using experienced gained in varous international organisation for community development. His work of inviting, channelise and inspire youth to work towards nation building definitely has brought considerable positive change in the younsters. Just like him, his Sabarmati Prerna Yatra, Narmada Prerna Yatra are grounded and connected to the land, its beliefs. We are really thankful to Nitin Tailor for his time and his conribution to the society as his duty, may many more youngsters be pearls like him and shine bright illuminating the nationin its old glory.



by Krishna Reddy


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