Life is easy . . Why do we make it so hard ? Jon Jandai

jon jandai does organic farming and teaches building environment friendly houses

when People have time to be with themselves, they have time to understand themselves. When they understand themselves, they can see what they want in their life. So, many people see that they want happiness, they want love, they want to enjoy their life. without time for themselves, people will not know what they want in life . . and continue being unhappy

So, people see a lot of beauty in their life, so they express that beauty in many ways. Some people by carving the handle of their knife, very beautiful, the baskets they are weaving very nicely. But, now, nobody does that. Nobody can do something like that. People use plastic everywhere.So, I feel like it’s something wrong in there, I cannot live in this way of living. So, I decided to quit University, and went back home and started growing rice .



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