The Last Love Letter


Letter to an ex.

Hey, I know it’s odd to write to you today .I know we are over.

There are a million things untold, let’s not go there.

I just wanted to thank you for a few things today.

Thank you for loving me even for a real short time that we were together

Thank you for putting me on a pedestal for a while. Boy, I felt like a princess.

Thank you for showering me with compliments. I thoroughly enjoyed your attention.

Thank you for being there on certain dark days. I don’t know what I could have done without you.

Thank you for telling me I can do anything. Yes I’m trying to be my best. All the time.

Thank you for all those hugs. I know you never faked love.

Most of all, Thank you for accepting our parting in the most graceful manner.

You know boy, people are not bad. We can never hate someone whom we once loved. Circumstances are complex.

Time is the culprit which pulls two people apart. I can only wish all was well. But we both know relationships come with a shelf life. Ours was too short but intense.

I’m glad you were a part of my life once upon a time. You were there for a purpose. Love is a cosmic light which shows us our inner flaws. I’m a better person today and you had a role to play.

Thank you for everything.

Your Ex.


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