Stop bandhs & make India Happen – Independence Day Special


Imagine what would have happened, if the team involved in the Mars Orbiter Mission – Mangalyaan, went on a strike, on the day of the launch! Imagine the impact, if the pilot decides to go on strike, in the middle of a flight!!

Well, we don’t expect those, in such responsible positions, to act in such an irresponsible manner, do we? But ironically, we don’t extend that rule to the people in much more responsible positions – the elected political leaders – those, who run the government and govern the nation !!

We, in fact, encourage those politicians, who disrupt our lives, through their protest marches, bandhs, morchas and ‘strikes’. We even vote for them and elect them; we make them famous, and label them leaders! 

As eminent Spiritual Leader and Enlightened Master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ji, founder of Isha Foundation, aptly said, we probably can attribute, our above described tendencies, to laud and worship, the protesters and the disruptors, to a ‘hangover’ from the colonial era, when, we had to protest against and hinder, all the actions, of our oppressors, to force them to leave our nation. 

As he further elaborates, though it is important to remember and revere, the freedom fighters, who taught us successful protest based formulae, we need to take cognizance of the fact that, those formulae and set procedures, are no longer relevant, in the modern day independent India. 

We need to understand that, our surge towards global leadership and a better life, can only be met, through constructive methods.

As Sadhguru advises, it hence, is time, when we start appreciating, the importance of positive contributions of, our visionaries, scientists, industrialists, technocrats and the countless others, involved in constructive activities. It is high time, we updated and modernized our leadership formula!

So, let us collectively make a strong resolution to cure ourselves of this terrible malady. Let us set aside the old satyagraha based mantra and adopt a new ‘nirmaan karma’ based modus operandi. Let us boycott those who come in the way of Nation building, let us condemn those who hinder progress and development through meaningless protests and other similar attention grabbing activities. 

Let us start following, appreciating and idolizing those, who work quietly in the background, for the betterment of the nation, in the areas of agriculture, education, health care, infrastructure, industry and IT. Let us empower the thought leaders, and work together with them and make India happen!!

Editor’s Note:  On behalf of iDiya team I thank Sarita for her thought provoking Independence Day special article. On this independence day, it’s high time we, as responsible Indian citizens, stop encouraging irresponsible politicians who disrupt our nation through bandhs and strikes, and totally boycott these destructive forces to pave way for a better India, a Happy and Developed India. Jai Hind. 

– Krishna Reddy, Founder & Chief Editor –



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