ASI POEC: How to see the total solar eclipse this evening?


A total solar eclipse will cross the entire width of the United States today, which will be late evening in India. Don’t despair, you can see the eclipse too, through a number of online broadcasts that are planned for this occasion.

Start of eclipse : 9.17 pm IST, 21 Aug
Totality : 11.55 pm IST, 21 Aug
End of eclipse : 2.34 am, 22 Aug

NASA : broadcasts from 12 different locations along totality

Montana State Univ and NASA : Do you usually feel chained to the ground and want to soar into the skies? Then see the eclipse through cameras from 55 high altitude balloons! : Broadcasts from multiple location

‘Hearing’ the eclipse : Wanda Diaz from Astronomy for Development and Harvard have used an Arduino to convert the level of ambient light into sound. This is a part of the OAD’s program to facilitate inclusive access to astronomy and


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