Go if you have to !


Death is a reality and probably, the only certainty of life. But how do we cope up with the loss? The first reaction, usually, is crying. We find tears rolling out , but how do we feel? Have we ever acknowledged the entire gamut of emotions we experience, as we cry over the loss of a dear one? We openly accept that we cry, because of the awareness, that we won’t be able to see that dear one again. We attribute our tears to our emotional attachment with them. But is there also some fear in those tears – a fear of seeing the inevitable in front of us? The harsh reality of death staring at our faces?

Coming back to coping up with the loss….. Everyone has their own mechanism to see, acknowledge and accept the void created by death of a close one. I’m using the bitter word death, because I don’t want to avoid it. I want to face it head on! Yes, someone very very dear to me has died! The fact that I’m still alive, is proof that ‘life goes on’. Each one lives one’s own life and leaves alone, leaving behind a platter of relationships. How, each one faces it and lives through it, is that one’s own call.

Death brings with it a lot of freedom, wisdom and awakening – freedom from many menial attachments, even if momentarily, besides wisdom to live life as it is and be thankful for all that we have along with a bright awakening to a reality that this world’s actually a temporary abode. We come here, enjoy the materials, learn and live as long as we are destined to, and then – It’s time to go! Death is nature’s way of telling us to detach ourselves from the bonds that we have created in this world.

Our level of association with the newly deceased, normally defines the levels of freedom, wisdom and awakening.

I’m still looking for an answer to my question…how do you cope up with the loss? Do you easily accept it as date and carry on with your life? Do you make efforts to keep those memories alive by keeping their things like clothes etc? Do you perform rituals, prayers, meditations to ‘get over’ the loss? But can you really ‘get over’ a loved one’s death? Is it possible? I don’t believe so. The memories will always be there….that laughter will always resonate in your mind….you will always yearn for that touch, to hear that voice again, to laugh together….even though not all the time….but will you be able to fill that void? I believe not!

So why not let that void be! Why not keep yearning for those time together! Why not keep the dear one alive in your heart! In a happy way. Be happy that you got to spend those times together, that you got to laugh together. Let go of the body, but keep the memories with you.

I feel that’s the perfect way to cope up with the loss of a loved one!

So! Here’s to you my lovely friend! You will always be in my heart and memories. Of course I will miss you, but I’m happy that we shared those wonderful times!

Go if you have to, but remain in my heart…
Be freed of all pain and worries, but remain in my soul…
Be the bird that visits me everyday, and sings sweet notes when I look beyond…..
Be the breeze that brushes past my cheeks when I gaze at the skies….
Be that smile that comes on my face when I think of you,
Be the tears that roll down my eyes when I wanna hear u talk…..
Go if you have to, but remain in my heart!…


  1. Sarika it is difficult..must be…to face upto it is even more…cant really comment on some readymade solutions..only know thats the painful reality of life n death n life…role players all of us are…so spread love..happiness..romance..do what u want to do…let others be..enjoy with those who understand…remember those who remember u…cherish memories.!!


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