Uranus Will Be Visible Tonight In The Night Sky; Here’s How To Watch It This Week

a descriptive picture of Uranus, its colour

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the coldest planet in our Solar System. Dubbed an ice giant, Uranus was discovered in the year 1781 by Sir William Herschel. It has the coldest atmosphere where the minimum temperatures are anywhere near -371 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to other beautiful planets and celestials, observing the Uranus can be a fun experience for stargazers. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of the ringed planet, this week will be the perfect time to do so as it has been best aligned for viewing in the late-evening sky. Read on to know how to see Uranus.

Can you see Uranus?

People who have good eyesight can observe Uranus with the naked eye. It can be a bit difficult to spot at times, however, it can be easily spotted in the event of a clear and dark sky with not much distractions. It is also good to have some knowledge beforehand where exactly you should be looking. It shines at a +5.7 magnitude and can be easily observed using binoculars. It has a greenish disk which can be seen through a telescope.

Is Uranus visible tonight?

Uranus will be spending the entire year in the constellation of Aries, the Ram. Currently, it can be found in the constellation Aries – a few degrees towards the left of Mars. In Mumbai, it will rise on Saturday, September 12, at 21:19 IST and set on Sunday, September 13, at 10:03 IST. It will be visible to the naked eye, however, it is best to observe the planet using a pair of binoculars or a telescope.

According to timeanddate website, the planet will be visible for over 9 hours until sunrise. As per the website, the planet will have average visibility during this period, so, it is recommended that you try to observe it using binoculars or a telescope. You can get the exact time for your location by visiting the website and entering your location or region. Uranus is approximately around 1.771 billion miles from Earth during this week. 

Written by Danish Ansari



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