Yoga, Communication and Listening Skills


Someone said “Vagbhushanam” (వాగ్భూషణం in Telugu), meaning “speech is an ornament”. Truly it was an ornament in olden days when elders used to pass their wisdom to the next generations. Modern days are so busy, internet has become the main source of procuring knowledge. An elementary school child can browse and search for the knowledge he/she needs. In such a setup, who cares for the “vagbhushanam” and wisdom of the adults? Whenever a person says something, it can easily be insulted or disregarded unless if they are of high esteem. The society is disregarding the wisdom from experienced learners by large and mostly depending on what is available in black and white. In such scenario, the communication skills take vital part in progressing the wisdom of the human.

Higher education is vastly focusing on communication skills. However, communication practices that we are currently engaged in causing communication to be mostly misinterpreted or half interpreted or misunderstood or not understood at all or ignored. The current generation has no patience to read or listen to the communication in its entirety. The educational institutions shout in surround sound about communication skills. But what we really need to focus on is ‘listening and understanding skills’. Yoga and meditation are the only tools to promote listening and understanding skills among the new generation.


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