Interview of a revolutionary film maker Anshul Sinha

Anshul Sinha in Belgrade
Anshul Sinha in Belgrade

When I first met Anshul Sinha back in 2015, I was impressed by his achievements at such a young age. And as I have known him since, he goes on inspiring each one he meets in his journey. He has not only won awards for his wonderful work, but also many hearts!

He has grown to be respected in the fraternity and continues to motivate the youth to make a happy and a positive change to our society. Here is my conversation with him.

Sarika Kanwar: It is my pleasure to discuss your work and life journey so far and your ideas of Happiness and Happy World. Firstly tell us about yourself.

Anshul Sinha: Hi I am Anshul Sinha, an Indie-filmmaker from Hyderabad. My idea of Happiness is keep working, don’t worry about the failures or success, keep on giving your best and you will definitely achieve what you aim for.

Sarika: What drove you towards film making? Share your experiences and journey so far as a filmmaker.

Anshul: I love making films that have vision and can bring changes in the society, till now I have done 40 films for which I have received 104 awards and it is still a long way to go.

Anshul Sinha with the interviewer Sarika, eminent film maker Aparna Malladi, iDiya Founder Krishna Reddy
Anshul Sinha with the interviewer Sarika, eminent film maker Aparna Malladi, iDiya Founder Krishna Reddy

Sarika: In these days, when most people are looking for ways to earn money, how did you get inspired to make films on social issues?

Anshul: The changes which happen after people watch my films, inspire me to continue making films on social issues. 


Sarika:  What makes You Happy?

Anshul: Spending time with my friends and family makes me feels happy. 


Sarika: What are the difficulties that you faced in this process and what kept you moving towards your passion? 

Anshul: Difficulties are part and parcel of film making, a progressive and positive mind has helped me in overcoming all those difficulties. 


Sarika: What are your Unique Skills? What are your special skills / talents / knowledge / expertise / experience? How do you think your skills / knowledge have been useful to the people around you?

Anshul: My unique skill is converting research works into storytelling and I think I have been able to use it to successfully narrate stories.


Anshul Sinha giving TEDx Hyderabad talk.

Sarika: How do you propose to contribute to a better world using your skills?
Anshul: Through my films. 

Sarika: Have you ever dreamed of Heaven – a happy & prosperous world around you? What kind of world do you Dream to live in? How would you like to contribute towards it?

Anshul: For me heaven is working towards achieving goals in life and enjoying the journey of it. 


Sarika: Have you witnessed/ come across any “small” (or BIG!) positive transformation in the society… with your efforts of showcasing issues through your movies/documentaries?

Anshul: There was a girl who was planning to commit suicide but after watching my film she came up to me and said I won’t do suicide now. 



Sarika: Being such an awarded film-maker, what is your success formula? Share the success tips and techniques that have worked for you!

Anshul: A progressive mind, always think for solutions and overcome all your problems. 


Sarika: A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind. What is your idea of health, physical, mental and spiritual?

Anshul: I love running marathon and I feel chanting OHM brings relaxation to mind and soul. 


Sarika: What are your future plans / goals / dream projects? Share your dream projects for yourself and/or the society.

Anshul: I want to continue making docu-drama films which can bring visible changes in the society. 


Sarika: How do you think, can film makers and writers contribute in building a prosperous India and world, one brick at a time?

Anshul: Good films can inspire an entire generation, best example being Chak de India. 


Sarika: What are your views of today’s political scenario of India? What should be, according to you, the proactive role of political leaders in contributing to a Happy and Prosperous India and world?

Anshul: I stay away from politics so I really cannot comment on this question.


Sarika: According to you, what is the role of Social service, philanthropy, NGO’s, social enterprises in making the world a better place to live in?

Anshul: To care for the people who are neglected by the society. 


Sarika: What do you think of this social initiative called iDiya?

Anshul: It’s a beautiful platform where people get a chance to network with each other and make some healthy and happy differences to the society. 



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