Flying high


When we plant a sapling, we put a protective covering outside of it to keep it safe from harsh weather and animals. But when the young plant is settled and we feel is strong enough to grow and would be able to survive without the cover, we take it out. By doing this, we give the plant the required space to grow into a full tree and bear flowers and fruits.
In a similar way, we should ease the cover of possessiveness from our children when they grow up. They need the required space to grow into independent individuals who will contribute to the society in their own way. We need to let go of our kids after a certain period, so that they can experience life themselves, learn from their mistakes, fall and rise in their own. Of course, the parent or the ‘maali’ is always there to look after its young.
And this crucial decision of letting go, however slow the process is, is emotionally very painful for parents, especially a mother.
A child will always be a baby for a mother, and she will always be the protective ‘maali’. But distance does happen. And it isn’t easy for the child also to cope up with the changes in his life and body. And in the process, many a times, both end up getting turmoiled.
I recently penned down a few lines for this traumatic, yet beautiful phase in the life of a parent and child, when the relationship metamorphoses into a more friendly one.
I’m not even sure if I can call it a poem, as it’s just a collection of words.

So here it goes!

Time goes by….
Wounds heal, if not completely…
Life changes….
Should I let you go? I guess yes….

There’s lot to hear, but no sounds
There’s lot to say, but no words
Is it time to let you go? I guess yes…

Innocent moments will always stay…
love will always triumph…..
The soul will always desire….
The journey is all but over….
But for now….
Its time to let you go…..
Go reach the highest skies…..
Take flight beyond the horizon….

Goodbye my little bird….
Till you return to the nest…….

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