How you can help Chennai Flood Victims

People travel by boat through a flooded road. (Photo: Stringer / Reuters)

With relief efforts under way in India, here are some ways people all around the world can lend a helping hand.

The worst flooding in more than a century continues to devastate the region of Chennai, India, where hundreds are confirmed dead, thousands are homeless, and many more are left stranded as a result of caved-in roads and major transportation closures.

In the midst of disaster, locals, military troops, and businesses are working together to provide essentials to those affected by the severe flooding. Little relief from the rainfall is in sight; up to eight more inches of rain are being forecast by Sunday.

Since Tuesday, the Indian Army and the Indian Navy have been carrying out rescue operations in severely affected areas. On social media, people in Chennai have been tweeting emergency hotlines, opening up their homes, and providing other assistance. Businesses like Delhi-based restaurant review app Zomato and ride-sharing app Uber are extending free services to help those stranded in flooded districts.

Chennai experienced more than 300 percent of normal rainfall in November, and nonstop rains that began Monday night triggered extreme flooding in several parts of the Southern Indian city. The floods are said to have killed up to 197, left thousands homeless, destroyed roads and train railways, and shut down other major transportation services, including the Chennai airport, which will remain closed until Dec. 6.

Here are some ways to help Chennai flood victims.

Provide Relief Kits

World Vision India is a Christian humanitarian organization working to help those living in poverty in the nation. The organization is providing bedsheets, clothing, and other needed materials to children and families in Chennai. Donate here.

Give Blankets and Medical Aid

Women of Worth, a women’s equality campaign, is also responding to the situation in Chennai. Though the area surrounding its office and the home where it houses 300 girls as a part of a rehabilitation project is flooded, its team is working to provide blankets, mats, and other necessities to those in affected areas. It hopes to set up medical camps in the coming weeks to respond to illness outbreaks. Donate here.

Fund Emergency On-the-Ground Relief

The Indian charity and emergency response group Rapid Response is assisting victims on the ground, but it needs financial aid to support those affected. The organization is asking for donations to fund relief packages, educational support for affected children, health camps, and temporary shelters. Donate here.

Feed the Affected

The Chennai Rain Relief 2015 organization is taking online donations for disaster relief efforts via Facebook. The donations go toward food distribution and volunteer rescue missions in devastated areas.


If you’re in Chennai or a neighboring region, you can volunteer to help cook and distribute food, provide first aid, join search-and-rescue teams, and perform other needed actions by filling out a form on the #ChennaiRains Resource Center .

Buy a Meal for People in Chennai

To aid those in need of food in Chennai, Zomato launched the Chennai Flood Relief program, which allows users to buy a meal for those affected. The start-up will then fund another meal and send two meals to areas where people are stranded. Learn more here.

Spread the Word

One of the best ways to help those affected by flooding is by spreading the word to friends, family members, and others who may not be aware of the growing crisis.

Source: Nicole‘s article on Takepart

For Hyderabadi’s who want to contribute to the relief work, read this article.


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