Think blue: Rally for Rivers!


Life originated in water. Water is the necessity of life. I don’t need to elaborate on this. All the great civilizations flourished around rivers. India also got its name primarily because of the Indus valley civilization, which is the oldest living civilisation. If we fly over the world, we see all big and major cities are centered around rivers or water bodies. Be it London, Paris, New York, or  our very own metro cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and ‘aamchi’ Mumbai!

We all know the importance of rivers in particular and water in general, in our life, but somehow choose to be ignorant about the rising water crisis and the lowering water table. We seem to be spending more amount of money and energy on researching for water replacement or on how to be more productive with less water, rather than looking into ways of rejuvenation our water bodies.

I’m sure if worked out properly, the revival of water bodies and our rivers will require much lesser amount of money and work. All it needs is a little thought and being sensitive to mother nature. Cutting down a tree is very easy and takes just a few minutes, but nurturing a sapling for it to grow into a life giving mini-ecosystem in itself, takes effort. Most of the times, we don’t even need to tend to it, mother nature is very capable of taking care of itself. All it needs is time, if only we can give it to her!

Very few of us are willing to make this effort. Very few are sensitive enough to plant and nourish.

But yes, awareness is on the rise and so are the efforts. There are more and more people rallying for increased forestation which will, with time, raise the water table.

Our rivers, which seem to be disappearing faster with every passing day, can also be revived with forestation. If only we leave the stretches of 1km around the river free of  mining, deforestation and any other manmade activities, nature will restore the rivers to their previous glory. We can further help by manually planting seeds or saplings. That is all we need to do. Nature will do the rest. With time, it will give us back what we have ruined for us and our children. With time, our children/ grandchildren will be able to enjoy playing in fresh waters, like we did in our childhood.

A countrywide movement has been started by the much revered Sadhguru, to revive our rivers. And thousands of people have already joined in to give our future generations healthy and flowing rivers.

You haven’t showed your support yet? You can now! By giving a missed call @ 8000980009 and if you can, plant a sapling!

Let’s work together for a greener and a fresh water future! Don’t we all owe this much to our children?



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